Julie Chen Signs Off ‘Big Brother’ With A Subtle Nod To Husband Les Moonves


“Big Brother” host Juile Chen ended Thursday night’s show with a nod to her husband, ousted CBS head Les Moonves.

“From outside the Big Brother house … I’m Julie Chen Moonves,” she said, a departure from her usual sign-off. She had never used her husband’s last name on the CBS reality show before.

The network announced Sunday that CEO and Chairman Moonves was stepping down amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Chen did not address the news during the episode.

Earlier this week, Chen said in a statement she was taking a few days off to be with family. She took a brief break from “The Talk,” a CBS show she co-hosts.

Many on Twitter noticed Chen’s subtle support for her husband. One person joked it was “the biggest twist” of the season.

Others called Chen out.

“I think that is a disgrace to her husband’s victims,” wrote one Twitter user.