Jennifer Lawrence Reaction To Jimmy Kimmel Joke ‘Leaves Emma Stone Furious’


It was worth watching the Academy Awards ceremony for many reasons but seeing Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone’s friendship in action is the best of them.

Sitting next to each other, the two young actresses seemed to be having a lot of fun laughing their way through the ceremony.

One of host Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes in particular certainly had the duo in fits of giggles as it made a dig at last year’s unforgettable Best Picture kerfuffle.
Jennifer Lawrence Reaction To Jimmy Kimmel Joke Leaves Emma Stone Furious emma stone web
It only took Kimmel minutes to make reference to that moment from 2017 during his opening monologue and of course the cameras cut to Stone as he did so.

She was pretty happy to be the butt of the joke though seeing the funny side quietly laughing to herself.

J-Law though, a hero to all, decided now would be the perfect moment to sarcastically make fun of her friend pointing directly at her while laughing in her face.

She even slapped her knee enthusiastically at one point completing everyone’s nights on Twitter although Stone faked a hilariously disappointed impression.

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