Jeff Bezos Looking Buff with Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in St. Tropez


Jeff Bezos paints a perfect pectoral with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez as they mosey on the streets of St. Tropez.

He’s got a babe on his arm, a drink in his hand and his shirt wide open … and he’s the richest man in the world even after his divorce from MacKenzie. He walked away with a reported at least $70 BILLION.

As if that’s not baller enough, he rolled into port on David Geffen’s 454-foot yacht, “The Rising Sun.” Jeff and Lauren joined Josh Kushner and Karlie Kloss and other rich folks.

The Amazon chief was laying low with Lauren as the divorce wound its way through the court, but now that it’s history they’re clearly out in the open and going strong.

Kinda funny … Jeff’s showing more skin than Lauren. He famously regularly works out and has the guns to prove it.

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