Jamie Foxx’s Mystery Woman Identified, Katie Holmes Steps Out Solo in NYC


While Jamie was out late with a smokin’ hot babe in L.A., his recent GF was all the way across the country just hours later — by herself, and looking like she didn’t have a care in the world.

Katie Holmes was spotted out Saturday in NYC, with a big grin on her face as she strolled the streets solo in a casual weekend outfit. If we may, Katie is absolutely glowing here — like she usually is — and appears completely unfazed about his outing with another woman.
Still no word on whether she and Jamie are broken up or not, but Katie seems totally fine here doing her thing in the Big Apple. Fact is, the couple aren’t always together anyway — we’ve seen Katie out and about in NYC without Jamie before — so it’s possible nothing’s up between them.
That said, we haven’t really seen Jamie getting so close with other ladies in public up until now — so it definitely raises an eyebrow or two. Not Katie’s though … she’s chillin’.

We’ve figured out who Jamie Foxx’s mystery gal is, and she’s an up-and-coming singer … who’s been hanging out with Jamie since at least June. The woman is recording artist and model Sela Vave, and it looks like Jamie has taken her under his wing at some point this year. She’s posted a number of photos and videos in his company — the first image of them together seems to have gone up on June 30.

Sela captioned this photo with, “I am so grateful to this man! Thank you so much @iamjamiefoxx for everything you do and for believing in me. #feelingblessed”
At this point, the nature of their relationship is a little hazy — based on all the evidence so far, it would appear she’s either his protege or a new flame … or possibly both.

Jamie Foxx is back in the game, or so it seems … because he was out last night with a stunning woman who was not Katie Holmes.

Jamie and the beautiful lady beelined it out of Bootsy Bellows in WeHo at around 2 AM … hand in hand. They jumped in his Lambo SUV and were off to parts unknown.

So, the question … where’s Katie Holmes???

Foxx and Holmes seemed tight on vacation in Miami back in December. They’ve been together since 2013.

Last time we saw them together … in May at the Met Gala.

Jamie’s been in California supporting his daughter, Corinne, in her film debut, “47 Meters Down: Uncaged.”

He’s quite the proud dad, saying, “As I watched the movie last night on pins and needles for so many reasons… palms sweaty… nervous to watch my daughter in her first big Hollywood film… and the fact that I have a gigantic fear of sharks… as soon as the movie started and I saw my baby on that screen…my nerves Became pure adrenaline… and my fear turned into absolute Pride… Sitting next to my daughter and simultaneously watching her on screen was a proud papa tearjerking moment”

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