Hugh Hefner ‘dumped’ sex tapes in ocean before death


Playboy Magazine founder and notorious lady’s man Hugh Hefner made sure that his stash of personal sex tapes was lost forever in the ocean, decades before he died at the age of 91 in 2017.

Hef entrusted Playboy Mansion head of security Joe Piastro with overseeing the sealing of video and audio recordings of his most secret affairs in a cask lined with cement and tossing it into the Pacific Ocean in the 1990s, an insider told the Sun.

“Hugh explained that he didn’t want anyone’s lives, marriages or careers to be destroyed by what he had In his library,” the source said. “Joe did it and never told anyone.”

But somehow, this source found out, and shared the story of trysts caught on tape with celebrities, models and party-goers, all now never to be recovered, reports Daily Mail.

The revelation comes ahead of an auction of Hef’s personal belongings to be held in Los Angeles and live online, next Friday and Saturday.

According to the source, Hef had Piastro place “a batch of tapes, shot on 8 mm and cinefilm, which were filmed during some of the orgies he enjoyed in the 70s’ into a specially-made chest that was lined with cement and toss the entire thing into the sea”.

Although Hef was well-known for keeping meticulously thorough scrapbooks, he grew worried as Playboy Mansion parties got wilder in the late 1990s that his practice of documenting his every move might become a problem for some, the source said.

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