Hoda Kotb Breaks Down Interviewing Drew Brees About $5 Million Donation


Hoda Kotb couldn’t hold back her tears as she said goodbye to NFL star Drew Brees … becoming overwhelmed with emotion because of his astounding act of kindness to combat the pandemic.

The tearful scene played out Friday morning as Hoda chatted with Drew on “Today” about his $5 million donation to Louisiana to help the state’s coronavirus relief efforts.

But, watch … immediately after she thanked Drew and told him “we love ya” she got really choked up, before openly sobbing.

Savannah Guthrie tried to console her, saying, “It’s a lot. I know where your heart is, my dear” before offering to read Hoda’s tease.

It’s easy to see where all that emotions coming from — Hoda established deep roots in Louisiana after working there for years earlier in her career. So, speaking to New Orleans Saints QB about the pandemic and his generosity … was too much.

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