Helicopter Co. Claims Kobe and Gigi Bryant Knew Flying Was Dangerous


We had to read this legal doc several times, because it was so shocking … Island Express — the company that owned the helicopter that sent 8 innocent passengers to their death — claims Kobe AND 13-YEAR-OLD GIGI knew flying could result in an accident and therefore, Vanessa Bryant has no case.

It’s true … Island Express filed an answer to Vanessa’s wrongful death lawsuit and, they threw in every argument in the book, including Act of God.

So, here’s how it breaks down. Island Express says in its answer, “Kobe Bryant and GB [Gigi] had actual knowledge of all of the circumstances, particular dangers, and an appreciation of the risks involved and the magnitude thereof, and proceeded to encounter a known risk, and voluntarily assumed the risk of the accident, injury … thereby barring or reducing [Vanessa’s] claim for damages.”

Island Express never explains how a 13-year-old girl appreciates such risks, and while we’re on the subject, did anyone know helicopters are so dangerous that passengers who dare to board do so at their own peril? If that’s the case, how come Island Express didn’t have a big sign in front of the helicopter?

It gets even crazier. Island Express says it’s not responsible for the crash because it was an Act of God. Well, blinding fog is definitely an act of God. Flying into it at 180 MPH is not.

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