Hailey Baldwin Reveals Her One Bedroom Rule with Justin Bieber


The model also opened up about putting their wedding on hold to deal with the pop star’s health battle.

Hailey Baldwin is revealing some details about her marriage to one of the biggest superstars in the world.

In an interview for the latest Ellemagazine, where she plays cover girl, the sought-after model opens up about her relationship with Justin Bieber and how the two are making a home together as young newlyweds, including setting up a few boundaries.

“We have a rule: No phones in bed unless it’s absolutely necessary,” the 23-year-old said.

“I try to read more than be on my phone in bed,” she explained, adding, “I definitely enjoy being home more than I enjoy being away,” which includes the pair spending their time “cuddling on the couch” and watching “Friends” reruns with their two cats, Sushi and Tuna.

While Hailey and Justin are settling in nicely after their star-studded nuptials last September, the road to the wedding wasn’t an easy one as Justin was wrestling with a private health battle.

“I felt like putting a wedding in the middle of all of that would be really hectic and stressful,” Hailey divulged. “He was really sick. He has Lyme disease, and he was dealing with a bunch of medical stuff. We didn’t have a diagnosis. And it was hard because everybody from the outside was being super mean and judgmental, saying he looked like he was on drugs, saying how unhealthy he looked, when in truth, he was not healthy and we didn’t know why.”

She said it took months before they figured out how to get Justin the proper help, but now “he’s perfectly healthy.”

“But going through that and then trying to be like, ‘So where does our wedding fit into this?’ didn’t feel like the vibe at all.”

Hailey credits their strong faith as devout Christians and members of Hillsong Church for bringing them together and continuing to be their foundation.

“Being able to share that with each other — to have that bond of faith and spirituality — is so [critical]for us. It’s the most important part of our relationship, following Jesus together, being a part of the church community together. It’s everything,” she said.

Hailey went on to explain how she is excited to follow Justin on part of his upcoming world tour, “being his partner” during the grueling schedule and spending the rare alone time as his “wifey,” as he likes to call her.

As to whether their friends poke fun at “wifey” and other romantic gestures the couple engage in, Hailey said, “It’s endless.”

“We’ll get on the phone with each other and be all cute and annoying, doing baby talk, and my friends will be in my ear like, ‘Uhh, I literally want to puke. I hate you guys,'” she said with a laugh. “I was the third wheel for quite some time with a lot of my friends, so I don’t feel bad.”

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