Glass’ Looking At Second-Best MLK Weekend Opening With $50M+


Shyamalan’s Glass, which he reportedly financed himself at a cost in the low $20 millions, looks to be posting a three-day total of $42.8M and a four-day of $50.3M.

That is at the low end of Universal’s projections and a bittersweet start for this Split sequel and long-awaited follow-up to the filmmaker’s cult 2000 pic Unbreakable.

There are positive things to say about the opening of Glass this weekend, and we’ll get to that. But let’s begin with the fact tracking services and rival studios over-inflated projections for the film at an astronomical $60M-$70M. True, Universal, never saw it there, but rivals had their reasons to get excited.

After the surprise three-day opening of Shyamalan’s Split, which doubled its tracking projections from the $20Ms to a $40M three-day, many anticipated a sequel to a legacy pic like Unbreakable would create another mushroom effect at the box office. And, by the way, if any rival studio smelled blood this weekend (if they knew that Glass would be wobbly in its start), they would have piled wide entries onto the marquee. Any given MLK weekend is an opportunity for a studio to make money off kids on school break, counter-program to varying demos, book films that are in the spirit of the holiday (example: the uber-wide break on Fox’s Hidden Figures, which hit No. 1 with $27.5M over MLK 2017), or dump bombs in a last-ditch effort to make as much money as possible (i.e. Paramount’s Monster Trucks).

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