Gigi Hadid Will Inspire Her Daughter One Day


Gigi Hadid Hopes Her Met Gala Appearance Will Inspire Her Daughter One Day

At the Met Gala last night, Gigi Hadid explained to livestream cohost Keke Palmer that she’s hoping to be a role model, as well as a runway model.

A newly red-haired Hadid talked with Palmer about how she hopes that someday, her daughter, Khai Hadid Malik, will be inspired by her appearance at the event. “She’s one next week, and I feel like I’ve been on mama duty. I’ve been at the farm with her every day in my sweatpants and our matching messy buns. I feel like tonight I’m showing her what it means to dress up and own it and have balance,” she said.

“I think finding that in your life is when you really feel like you’ve stepped into womanhood,” Hadid added…[Read More]