Everything You Need for the Perfect Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume


Halloween is rapidly approaching, which means you should probably be thinking about your costume. Hopefully you’ve got multiple parties to attend, because there are *so* many fun costume options out there for 2022, you’ll need more than one night to show ’em all off. From funny costumes to scary ones to pop culture costumes, you’ve got plenty to choose from. One costume that’s always sure to be a hit: Disney characters. And because it’s more fun to be a villain than a princess (sorry, Cinderella), you might as well go for the baddest b*tch of them all: Cruella de Vil.

Luckily, you’ve got multiple iterations of Cruella to choose from. There’s the classic Cruella ’fits you probably remember from your childhood viewings of 101 Dalmatians, but there’s also the more modern goth-glam looks that Emma Stone rocked in the 2021 Cruella. They’re honestly so stylish and even if people haven’t seen the movie, the Cruella wig makes it obvious what your costume is.

Here are a ton of ideas for Cruella Halloween costumes, from elaborate DIY getups to classic costumes inspired by the cartoon.

In the movie, Cruella sweeps into the Black and White Ball wearing a long white cape, which she sets on fire to reveal this red-hot number underneath. I probably would avoid anything that involves literal flames at your Halloween party, but you do you!

Another iconic look from the movie is Cruella’s motorcycle ’fit:

If you’ve got a structured leather jacket, you’ve basically already got ⅓ of this Cruella costume. The edgy makeup look might take some time to perfect, but thankfully, you’ve got YouTube tutorials at hand (or you can just buy an eye mask to make things easy).

In one of the most jaw-dropping fashion moments of the movie, Cruella locks the Baroness in her car before climbing atop it to show off her long organza skirt made with thousands and thousands of hand-sewn flowers. I want to wear this skirt everywhere I go, forever.

But if you, like me, don’t have time to sew 5,000+ flowers between now and Halloween, you can still get an eye-catching tulle skirt that does the trick. For the top, you’ll want a military-style jacket with plenty of epaulets (TIL the word “epaulet,” which refers to those eye-catching shoulder decorations) and other sparkly accessories.

Another option from the 2021 version of Cruella is this “dog” coat (dw, no actual dogs are harmed in the making). She dons this outfit at her fashion show.

Luckily, Amazon has a costume coat that’s perfect for this. Pair it with a decorative cane, black pumps, and a teased-up wig to complete your costume.

Of course, if you want to keep things simple, there are a ton of ready-made Cruella costumes and accessories you can shop too. Some of them are even available via Prime, perfect if you procrastinated and need a last-minute costume.

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