Dr. Fauci Sets Record Straight on Perceived Bad Blood with Trump


Dr. Fauci just addressed the reported head-butting that’s supposedly been going on behind closed doors with himself and the President’s administration, and the guy sure seemed to be trying to put out the fire with a clear and concise timeline of events.

The good doctor was at the podium Monday in the White House Press Briefing Room, where he laid exactly when he and his CDC/NIAID colleagues told DT they strongly suggested shutting stuff down, and how the Prez responded. Sounds like Trump wasn’t going rogue or ignoring the advice of the scientists — he acted on their recommendations when they told him he should … at least that’s what Fauci seems to be saying here.

He DID clarify something he recently said in the press regarding some “pushback” he claimed was taking place among cabinet officials when Fauci and co. first recommended closing up shop for an extended period of time. DF says he used a poor choice of words, and insists Trump officials only raised concerns about ramifications of such an action — like crippling the economy, job loss, etc. He says NO ONE in Trump’s administration told him they shouldn’t do it — which is what many took away from his remarks this past week.

Bottom line … Fauci says each and every time he and his cohorts suggested the President do something, the answer was yes. When a reporter asked if he was making these clarifications voluntarily, he got a little snippy … telling her not to even insinuate he wasn’t.

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