Darts Walk-On Girl Says F1 Ban Is Against Human Rights


A darts ‘walk-on girl’ has defended her right to participate in sporting tournaments, saying she ‘never felt objectified’ on stage.

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) announced last week it would stop hiring young women to escort darts players at tournaments and on January 31, Formula 1 banned grid girls, in a disturbing move which has cost many women their jobs.

A heated debate has been sparked online, and in the wider sporting sphere, between those who support the profession and those who believe the practice is ‘outdated’ and ‘sexist’.
Lynsay MacDonald, a part-time player escort who’s been working on the Scottish darts circuit for six years told UNILAD she believes banning walk-on girls and F1 grid girls in the name of feminism is ‘quite contradictory’.

Players’ escorts have been a staple of the spectacle of televised darts competitions and F1 since the nineties, however, the sports’ governing bodies have announced the roles are to become a thing of the past.

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