Danielle Staub Drags Margaret Josephs by Her Hair in Explosive RHONJ Fight


“Did I f–king hit a f–king nerve, you f–king c–t?!” Staub hurls at Josephs as all hell breaks loose.

Things got physical between “Real Housewives of New Jersey” nemeses Danielle Staub and Margaret Josephs on Wednesday’s explosive episode of the Bravo series.

The two have been at each other’s throats since last season, but it all escalated during a shopping trip, prompting Danielle to yank Margaret by the hair and drag her across the room!

In trying to urge Margaret to back away from an increasingly heightened situation, Jackie Goldschneider reminded her friend that Staub was “not worth it” because “she’s a piece of shit.” That only made matters worse.

“I’m not worth it?! I’m a piece of shit?!” Danielle hurled at Jackie, waving her finger in her face. Jackie barked back, “Don’t f–king touch me.”

Margaret, who’s been begging Teresa Giudice to see Danielle’s true colors all season, leaned in and said to the OG, “Teresa, she’s been dragged and ridden hard, and that’s all I have to say.”

Danielle fired back, “Oh, baby, and so have your f–king titties! You should get ’em done!” And just like that, Margaret dumped her glass of water over Danielle’s head. Did we mention they were in a retail store, surrounded by people who were there to shop?

“Did I hit a nerve?! Did I f–king hit a f–king nerve, you f–king c–t?!” a sopping-wet Staub shouted as she leaned over and picked up Josephs’ purse. She took out all the contents, slammed them on the table, shoved some of them into a burning candle and broke a lot of things in the process. Melissa Gorga was beside herself, as Teresa tried hard not to laugh. “Ohhh, my God! Are you kidding me?!” she said through chuckles.

“We’re f–king even!” Danielle hurled at Margaret, who had silently walked over to the table to collect her things. “Watch your back, bitch!” she added. “You started it? I’ll f–king finish it. Don’t you ever f–king come for me again, you f–king whore!”

Dolores Catania rushed over to clean up the mess, as a mortified Melissa apologized to the horrified onlookers and employees. “You’re embarrassed?” Danielle asked Melissa — a question that prompted the latter to go from zero to 100. “Yes, I f–king am! This is nuts! Are you not?!” she screeched.

“Did you see what she did to me?!” Danielle fired back, before Teresa got in the middle of the two and up in Melissa’s face. “That’s your f–king friend!” she yelled, pointing at Margaret. “She started it! You f–king poured the water! Why would you f–king do that?!” Jennifer Aydin urged Teresa not to get involved, which only revved her up more.

“Take your drowned rat self and go back in your hole and go,” Margaret said calmly to Danielle, who simply gave the owner of the store a kiss goodbye and told Margaret to “go with your white f–king ponytail.”

“You can’t even bleach it anymore your hair’s so f–king broken! I just can’t help myself anymore. I really can’t,” she added, walking over to Marge and yanking her ponytail from behind. As she dragged Marge across the room, she laughed ominously and the screen went dark.

After the episode aired, Danielle and Margaret both reacted to the shocking footage. While Staub said she had no regrets about what went down, Josephs said the scene was “very painful” for her to relive.

“I would love to know why Margaret feels she needs to pour things on me, throw things at me, yell at me, talk about my past as if she was a part of it, get involved with my marriage, get involved with my relationships,” Staub said on the “After Show.” “She’s affected my life in a very bad way, and all I did was help her fit into the group in the beginning. From where I’m standing, she owes me not only a big apology, but she should give me a lot of gratitude.”

“So when it escalated to her pouring water over me, I really just didn’t expect it, but I should always expect the unexpected with Margaret,” she added. “Thank God it was water because it might’ve hit a different trigger if it were anything else because I do believe I taught her, ‘Honey, you don’t wanna throw red wine on this ’cause you cannot afford it. Very expensive outfit, head to toe.’ And I have beautiful curly hair, so it didn’t bother me at all. Just made my hair look even better!”

“I decided that if she was going to basically shit all over me again — last time was red wine — how far am I gonna let this go without a pushback? No more,” she went on. “I was gonna take something that she really loved, and I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with it. And so I decided that I would pour her bag into a candle, and it made me feel happy. I felt happy! Everyone was in shock, and I’m like, ‘Oh, that shocks you?'”

Staub added, “All of them, collectively, really are just the most disgusting, vile people ever. I would never be around a group like that again. And you know what? They should be very careful. I do hold secrets of theirs of my own. For a long time I’ve held those secrets. You never know when it’s gonna blow. Just never know. Hell! It could happen today, I don’t know.”

As for why Danielle chose to pull Margaret’s hair after the candle escapade, she explained she simply wasn’t finished.

“I feel like she should’ve been taught that lesson a long time ago,” she said. “She crosses every boundary of mine. Every line. Every line, every boundary. And you know how many people have asked me why I haven’t done anything to her sooner? And not just asked me, like been adamant about it, almost mad at me about it, that I haven’t… But it’s just not in me. But I guess you poke at somebody long enough… I was backed into a corner, and I was done. I’m done. I’m done with her.”

“So no regrets?” asked an off-camera producer. “Regrets?” Danielle repeated. “Hell no. My only regret is not doing it sooner! She can stretch that neck all she wants to make it hide all those wrinkles, but I think she told me I have a really dark soul one time. I’m not sure if that’s racist or not, but I do know that it’s more about her than it is me.”

For her part, Margaret took to Twitter to wish everyone a Happy New Year and explain her side of things. Not only was she horrified by what transpired, but she said production was too.

“I just want to check in & say while everyone is anticipating tonight’s episode it is very painful for me to relive,” she wrote in a three-part tweet. “The energy that day frightened me & to this day it still does. I have never hit anyone nor did I after being pushed or being assaulted from behind.”

“What I did do after a half hour of a brutal back and forth with my personal space being invaded was to pour water on someone who was clearly looking to assault me and push me into a physical altercation,” she went on. “I have been told I deserved it, I asked for it…. I was attacked [for]a full 12 minutes after the fact from behind. My neck was snapped back, easily could have been broken. I could not defend myself. I could have been paralyzed. Everyone was crying including production.”

“It was horrific. I wanted to forget [and]move on,” she concluded. “To this day devastated.”

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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