Brad Pitt Orders “Straight Pride” Parade Organizers to Cease Using His Name and Image


On Wednesday, Marvel star and Boston native Chris Evans also gave the group a piece of his mind.
Brad Pitt has made it clear to the small group of Boston men planning a “Straight Pride” parade they must stop using the actor’s name and likeness for their purposes, a source close to the star confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Super Happy Fun America, an apparently serious group “on behalf of the straight community,” was using Pitt’s name and image, calling him its mascot for the agenda. “Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement,” its site reads.

As of Friday morning, all pictures and mentions of Pitt were replaced with “redacted” and “censored” signs.

The group made headlines recently when it sought a permit for a parade in Boston out of spite for June being Pride Month for the LGBTQ community.