Brad Pitt fires back at Angelina Jolie in new court filing


LOS ANGELES — Brad Pitt fired back at estranged wife Angelina Jolie in a court filing on Wednesday, excoriating her for choosing to wage a public campaign against him while involving their children.

Jolie alleged in court papers filed Tuesday that Brad Pitt hadn’t paid her any “meaningful” child support for the last year and a half amid their ongoing and public divorce proceedings.

Pitt hit back in his own legal broadside Wednesday that detailed how he purportedly lent Jolie some $8 million to help her purchase her current home, and paid more than $1.3 million in bills for the benefit of her and their children.

Jolie’s filing is “unnecessary, omits material information and is a thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage,” Pitt’s attorneys said in his filing.

Jolie’s attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean, said in a statement to NBC News on Wednesday that Jolie’s filing Tuesday was “both legally appropriate and factually accurate in all respects.”

“What has been filed by Brad’s side today is a blatant attempt to obfuscate the truth and distract from the fact that he has not fully met his legal obligations to support the children,” DeJean continued.

Furthermore, she said, Pitt was asked to help pay the expenses for a new home for Jolie and the children “but instead he loaned Angelina money, for which he is charging her interest on a payment plan.

“Angelina will of course honor that loan,” DeJean said. “A loan is not; however, child support and to represent it as such is misleading and inaccurate.