Box Office: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Will Pass $2 Billion Worldwide Today


Avengers: Endgame earned another $88.2 million overseas on yesterday, not counting whatever it earned on Saturday in China (time zone magic). That gives the MCU blockbuster a stupefying $1.4 billion in overseas grosses alone. That puts it past Avengers: Infinity War’s $1.37 billion overseas total to be the third-biggest foreign grosser of all time.

It now sits behind only Titanic ($1.528 billion) and Avatar ($2.028 billion) and may pass Titanic’s overseas gross as soon as tomorrow. The Walt Disney release earned $40.6 million in North America yesterday, bringing its domestic total to $514.5 million. All combined, the Russo Bros.’ IMAX-shot sequel has now earned $1.9145 billion worldwide in just 16 days of global release. Barring a fluke, the film should pass $2 billion worldwide sometime today.

And, barring another fluke, it should easily pass the $2.048 billion cume of Avengers: Infinity War and the $2.068 billion cume of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even if it doesn’t get past the $2.188 billion global gross of Titanic (counting the 2012 3-D reissue) by tomorrow, it will later next week. After that, it’s just about getting as close as possible to Avatar’s $2 billion overseas cume, Force Awakens’ $937 million domestic cume and the $2.788 billion global total of Avatar for the biggest of big prizes.

As noted earlier, the projected 59% drop in North America means that it probably won’t reach Star Wars Episode XII’s domestic benchmark. But, with a possible $300 million-plus overseas gross this weekend, it’s looking like Avatar’s benchmark may be in play. We’re probably looking at a global weekend of over/under $470 million ($147 million in North America and around $323 million overseas if it’s as leggy overseas as it is domestically) which would push the movie to around $2.255 billion by tomorrow.

That’s obscene, but it also means that we aren’t necessarily looking at Christmas legs. Nonetheless, if it has anything resembling legs against the likes of Detective Pikachu, John Wick 3 and Aladdin, it may well pass Avatar’s once-unthinkable milestone within the next few weeks. And yeah, if that happens, it’s not that hard to presume that it will be just leggy enough to crawl past $3 billion worldwide. But we can speculate more about that when we see the actual overseas/worldwide numbers tomorrow.

As is, I might argue that the sheer amount of money that Avengers 4 is making so quickly (as opposed to legging it out) might be a boon to the other summer blockbusters, but that’s for another day.