Blac Chyna’s Butt Implants Have Disappeared


Blac Chyna was photographed without her usual bum.
If this photo is anything to go by, Blac Chyna’s having second thoughts about her famous butt implants. The opposite of the usual before and after photos, the one on the left shows her fully pumped up with filler, while in the righ-hand photo she looks thoroughly drained. Ms. Chyna could be taking a similar route to Kylie Jenner, who recently stopped using lip filler after having a kid. Blac Chyna has not had a kid recently, but she is dating a very young man.

YBN Almighty Jay, who is 18, has been Blac Chyna’s main (if inconsistent) love interest recently. She’s been harshly criticized for it so far and doubtless will be again after these photos. Considering the photos in relation to her recent relationships a certain Kanye West line comes to mind: “Blac Chyna fuckin’ Rob, helped him with the weight.” The line could now be reversed to include YBN Almighty Jay and some weight being surgically removed.

The exact mechanics of the downsizing remain a mystery.
Visual evidence! It seems Blac Chyna was out to prove that her butt was still as plump as ever when she posted a cheeky belfie on Saturday night
Optical illusion? Of course the whole row started when Blac was spotted on Thursday with a slightly deflated looking derriere while out and about in Beverly Hills

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