Beyonce Music Video Shoot Shuts Down Grand Canyon Landmark


Beyonce is getting the star treatment at one of the most beautiful locations in the Grand Canyon — but her music video shoot will likely piss off a few die-hard campers.

TMZ obtained this footage of Bey and her crew as they shot Wednesday in the shadow of the spectacular Havasu Falls. That’s her draped in a blue dress with the stunning backdrop … a majestic waterfall, bright blue waters and a tiny forest of green.

Easy to see why Beyonce would want to shoot here — for those not in the know, Havasu Falls is right next to a super-exclusive campsite that requires a reservation that’s tough to get. The Havasupai tribe owns the land and only approves 300 camping passes a day. Thousands of people get turned away daily.

Beyonce plays by different rules.

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