Beyonce left stranded after flying stage malfunctions on tour


She and husband Jay-Z have arrived in Warsaw, Poland, on their On The Run II concert tour.

But all did not go smoothly towards the end of their show on Saturday night.

The elaborate flying stage that’s featured as part of their performance malfunctioned leaving Beyonce stranded.

As the singer, 36, stood around, with no way down to the stage proper, stage staff gathered to discuss the situation before coming up with a ladder.
No way down: Beyonce found herself wstranded after the elaborate flying stage malfunctioned at her and Jay-Z's On The Run II Tour gig in Warsaw, Poland, on Saturday night
Not sure: Stage hands brought the ladder on stage and propped it up, extending it to reach the flying stage. But despite encouragement, Beyonce initially seemed reluctant to use it
A fan Kuba Kuca quickly realized what was up and started videoing the conundrum facing the superstar. He then posted the video to YouTube.

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