Beyonce Hugs Meghan Markle at London’s ‘Lion King’ Premiere


If Beyonce wasn’t royalty before, she certainly is now — she embraced Meghan Markle when, technically, commoners aren’t supposed to touch … unless a Royal does it first.

Bey and Jay-Z were in London Sunday for the UK premiere of the live-action ‘Lion King,’ and as they posed for pics on the red carpet … none other than the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived hand-in hand, and then pulled up for a stop and chat with Bey and Jay.

Someone filmed Meg and Queen Bey going in for a hug — which was polite and brief — and talking it up afterward. Meghan also went in to hug Jay, who was standing by.


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Meghan met Beyonce. @hellomag

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No sign of Prince Harry in the video here, but we know he was there. Unclear if either of the power couples’ kids were in attendance … Archie gets a pass, but it’d be a tragedy if Blue Ivy wasn’t in attendance. She kinda steals the spotlight anytime she’s with her folks.

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