Beyonce Flaunts Booty in Honor of Adidas Ivy Park Collab


Make no mistake … Beyonce knows what sells, which is why she’s drawing major attention to her clothing line’s upcoming Adidas collab by showing off her backside.

Translation: Are you ready for this jelly? Queen Bey went full thirst trap to promote her Ivy Park collection with Adidas — and for those distracted by her assets … there’s a pair of gum-bottom sneaker hanging by her leg. Yeah, see it down there?

No doubt, the kicks and cheeks are cool, but don’t sleep on Beyonce’s socks doubling as a pair of heels. What will they think of next?!?

The Ivy Park-Adidas line drops Saturday, and Beyonce’s really been going all-in on sex appeal for the campaign. Not that anyone’s complaining.

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