As Jennifer Lawrence gives her most gripping performance yet…


As Jennifer Lawrence gives her most gripping performance yet, here’s 10 reasons sexy spy thriller Red Sparrow is the ultimate girl power film

Oscar-winner, enchanting X-Woman, Hunger Games heroine; Jennifer Lawrence has played many roles during her meteoric rise to the top of Tinseltown.

But with her new film, Red Sparrow, she is girl power personified. In a time when female stars are reevaluating their positions in a post #metoo Hollywood, the star has chosen a risque role with some serious guts.

From broken black swan to a bird of prey out for the ultimate revenge, here’s 10 reasons why this seductive spy thriller is a shocking, twisted, gripping gamechanger for femme fatales on film.

1) A broken ballerina

Russia’s prima ballerina Dominika Egorova (Lawrence) is the belle of the Bolshoi, Moscow’s hub of high society.

But as she takes to the stage for her powerful performance alongside her male lead, little does she know that she is caught up in a plot that will end her career forever.

In the first of many toe-curling twists, fans will be left reeling by the repercussions of her rival’s ruthlessness – but thoroughly empowered by Dominika’s dogged determination to bounce back.

2) Mother of all sacrifices

Dealing with a life-changing incident and a sick mother, Dominika’s future is bleakly uncertain.

But when her powerful uncle (Matthias Schoenaerts) offers a way to keep her state-owned home and pay her mother’s medical bills, she’s left with little choice but to say yes.

While she may be backed into a corner, Dominika proves that a woman’s urge to protect her loved ones is stronger than any adversary.

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