Angelina Jolie is no longer the saint she set out to be


Angelina Jolie spent a good decade transforming her image from a wild child who wore vials of blood around her neck to a latter-day Mother Teresa, ministering to refugees and war-zone orphans. But St. Angie’s halo has well and truly slipped.

“It doesn’t matter how much charity work you do,” said a source with knowledge of the Jolie-Pitt family. “If you drive a wedge between a father and his children, you’re an a–hole.”

Over the past few weeks, Jolie, 43, and her lawyers have claimed that Pitt, 54, has failed to pay any “significant” support for their six children. (Pitt’s camp insists that the actor has paid out $9.3 million since the couple’s 2016 split.) Jolie has, as a Hollywood source close to the Jolie-Pitts told The Post, tried to paint her ex as a “deadbeat dad” and created a rift between the actor and his kids.

In court documents, Pitt’s lawyers called out Jolie and her lawyers for filing papers that are “calculated to increase the conflict” and are a “thinly veiled effort to manipulate media coverage.”

Just this month, she was playing mind games. Around August 1, Pitt asked Jolie, through lawyers, to end the marriage as soon as possible, even before the high-profile couple has worked out a custody schedule and financial agreement.

Through her team, Jolie asked her ex to wait a week to consider his request — then filed her own motion, requesting the exact same thing.

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