Analysis: Nearly every American can get vaccinated. Now what?


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(CNN)There’s a new stage in the pandemic: Young children are eligible for Covid-19 vaccines, and the majority of American workers are being told to get them.

These are steps toward getting out of the pandemic, which has now claimed more than 750,000 American lives. Average daily deaths have fallen to just over 1,000.
One subtext of this week’s election is that Americans are tired of Covid-19 restrictions in schools and elsewhere, concerned about pandemic-related supply chain issues and scared of inflation.
Now, with nearly everyone eligible for a vaccine that is readily available and many being told to get it, patience with other protective measures and grace for those who ignore the science will wear thinner — even as fights over the vaccine continue to erupt.
Long-awaited requirement for most American workers is here. The federal requirement, if it isn’t stopped by courts, requires workers to be fully vaccinated by January 4.
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