Amber Heard has Less Than 10 Minutes


Amber Heard’s career may already be suffering because of Johnny Depp’s trial — she reportedly has a significantly smaller role in ‘Aquaman 2’ … amounting to mere minutes.

According to film journalist Grace Randolph — who’s known to get solid comic book movie scoops like this — Amber will, apparently, be featured in less than 10 minutes of screen time in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

No other context was offered, which is actually crucial to understanding this — namely, whether Amber’s supposed reduced presence is a recent development, or if it’d been written that way since the beginning. In any case … it’s interesting this news is surfacing now.

The film wrapped in January, with director James Wan posting a congratulatory IG with Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson (a new character) … but strangely, not mentioning Amber at all. She was a huge part of the first film — Jason’s love interest — and yet … crickets.

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