8 Times Female Country Music Stars Stood Their Ground


Girl power: country edition. Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris and more female country artists have inspired Us over the years.

Morris, for her part, teamed up with fellow artists Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires and Natalie Hemby to form a supergroup called The Highwomen. They released their self-titled debut album in September 2019.

“We all have our own solo things going on, but I think that coming together on a project like this in a timely fashion, it just felt like the right move,” the “Girl” singer told Apple Music’s Beats 1 host Zane Lowe ahead of the release. ”I’m sure you’ve heard about this very severe lack of women representation on country radio, which we’re trying to combat with this album and this movement. I really felt like I had no choice but to join, because we needed to band together now more than ever.”

Carlile added that the group’s goal is not only to make great music, but also to help support each other.

“I think what’s gonna fix it is really good music, but also whether or not we’re willing to stand side by side and not compete with one another, hold the door open for other women, and amplify each other,” the “The Joke” songstress said. “The Highwomen movement, it sets out to do that. We hope that everybody will want to be a Highwoman.”

Several other musicians took a stand after radio host Keith Hill claimed you can’t “make ratings” and play females on the radio.

“Trust me, I play great female records and we’ve got some right now; they’re just not the lettuce in our salad,” Hill said in 2015. “The lettuce is Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, Keith Urban and artists like that. The tomatoes of our salad are the females.”

Martina McBride was one of the first women to speak out against Hill. She even designed T-Shirts that read “Tomato” and “Tomato Lover.”

Lambert, who proudly wore one of the shirts, took to Twitter, writing, “This is the biggest bunch of BULLs—t I have ever heard. I am gonna do everything in my power to support and promote female singer/songwriters in country music. Always.”

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